Back to School, Back to the Grind!

First Day of School 2014

I swore I would never become of those people. You know the kind: they are so sad to send their kids back to school. The summer went by so fast. They will miss their little baby wabies being around them 24/7.

But then we moved.

I was actually kind of sad to send the boys off to school today. This is their first day at their new school – my old school. I feel like our summer went by so fast! I haven’t gotten to spend that much time with the boys this summer and given the whole meltdown of “My baby graduates in 3 years!!!” I truly wanted to spend more time with the kids, or at least have them around to keep me company in this big, old house.

Before summer even began, T got involved with the basketball program (before his other school was even out). For the month of June, he basically stayed with my in-laws so he could attend the basketball open gym dates. So we didn’t get to spend any quality time with him then.

In late June, we were busy! I had a business trip, returned on Sunday, closed on the new house on that Monday and then left for Hawaii on Wednesday (2 days after we closed). As soon as we returned from Hawaii, we finished packing and then moved the following Friday. We have been in our new town ever since and staying extremely busy!

So, I guess I’m not one of those moms yet. But, I did feel kind of sad to drop the kids off today. Summer is over and I wish I had a few more weeks with the kids!